Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who Won Biggest Loser Winner 2009 Helen Phillips Triumphed After Losing 140 Pounds

Losing a lot of weight is no joke, but for the contestants of The Biggest Loser Season 7 - they should do it in order to win $100,000! For Helen Phillips, she was declared as The Biggest Loser Season 7 Winner after she shed off 140 pounds (54.7 percent0 of her former body weight! That was a tough act to follow, indeed. Helen beat off 2 other finalists Tara Costa and Michael Morelli.
Helen Phillips Before and After Photos
In the above photos, you can see the sublime difference of Helen Phillips former body structure. Being 48 years old and mother of two, this lady from Michigan surely sweated it out to etch her victory in this reality show. The Biggest Loser Season 7 had helped the contestants shed off 2,763 pounds. Let's wait for the Biggest Loser Season 8 next year to see if they can duplicate this successful Season 7!
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just Migrated!

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Going Loco Over Coco

As much as the brouhaha over the entry of a Philippine film into Cannes this year, what's intriguing everyone is the alleged full frontal of indie movie boy toy Coco Martin in Brillante Mendoza's "Serbis". Allegedly, the manager is suing the director for "breach of contract" as his ward's "little secret" is seen in the film as he was cavorting in bed with actress Mercedes Cabral.

[Coco's Little Secret]

Coco is last seen in the film "Condo", in which he portrays a security guard. Unlike his launching movie "Masahista", "Condo" was a bit boring and you can't see too much of Coco's physical asset in the film. I can't see the logic of getting him in the film, when he won't disrobe because he can hardly act. Oh well... we ought to wait for "Serbis" to be shown here so we can finally glimpse his allegedly "little secret" weapon.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Victor Basa Scandal?

ABS-CBN's coverboy is caught literally "uncovered" in a new scandal video that is now circulating all over the Internet.

The video is just 3 to 4 seconds long but you can really clearly see the resemblance of Victor and the person on the video. He appears to be... hmmm, how do we put this? Seeking self-gratification using his hands. I can still remember Victor's dumbfounded face when Boy Abunda asked him bluntly if he's gay in Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity edition last year. His answer was even either a yes nor a no. Here's a peek of what you'll see in the alleged scandal video.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

World Cup Hottie #06

He's the IT boy of the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal, his pictures are just everywhere. Everybody agrees that he is indeed in every World Cup hottie list.

Definitely one of the hottest and the brightest young talents in world football, his surging runs and dazzling skills performed at blistering pace, comparisons with his Brazilian namesake have been inevitable. Such a charmer, isn't he?

Saturday, July 01, 2006

World Cup Hottie #05

Bend it Like Beckham! As they say, he is "the Queen Mother" of all World Cup hotties. I would not dare argue.

Look at those curves! Painted nails? Not only is he a sports icon, but he is the paragon of metrosexuality.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

World Cup Hottie #04

Japan may be a dark horse in the World Cup rounds, but there is one Asian hottie from their league who's definitely winning the hearts of many. He is Fukunushi Takashi, a defensive midfielder who has proved his worth since 2002 World Cup. Takashi is said to be instrumental in Japan’s qualifiers, finishing joint top scorer with three goals. Well, on the looks department, he's definitely one of the top favorite!

World Cup Hottie #03

One of the World Cup Defending Champ's key players, Kaka is definitely not only a player with looks. Kaka scored the goal against Croatia leading the Brazilians 1-0 victory that preserved their record eight-straight winning streak at the World Cup 2006. Wow, this gives us more reasons to focus our eyes on him!