Wednesday, June 28, 2006

World Cup Hottie #04

Japan may be a dark horse in the World Cup rounds, but there is one Asian hottie from their league who's definitely winning the hearts of many. He is Fukunushi Takashi, a defensive midfielder who has proved his worth since 2002 World Cup. Takashi is said to be instrumental in Japan’s qualifiers, finishing joint top scorer with three goals. Well, on the looks department, he's definitely one of the top favorite!

World Cup Hottie #03

One of the World Cup Defending Champ's key players, Kaka is definitely not only a player with looks. Kaka scored the goal against Croatia leading the Brazilians 1-0 victory that preserved their record eight-straight winning streak at the World Cup 2006. Wow, this gives us more reasons to focus our eyes on him!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

World Cup Hottie #02

Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo's pictures are all over but there is another Portuguese striker who's striking looks win the cheers of the girls and pa-girls. He is Nuno Gomes, one long-haired hottie with golden skin, doe-brown eyes and nice lips. I don't care he's all sweaty below, just look at "utter cuteness".

World Cup Hottie #01

Many Pinoys are hooked with the World Cup 2006, not because we have good soccer players (who am I kidding?), but because there is quite a number of cute guys there. Let's have specimen#1:

His name is Andriy Shevchenko. After Ukraine entered the Round of 16, he's now not only considered as one of the world's greatest footballers, but one of the hottest too. Hmmm, I think I'll see more of him in the quarterfinals.

Monday, June 26, 2006

And Google sez....2

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Another feature of the Google Trends is that you can do combined search. I tried to compare which is more popular, Friendster or Myspace? And again, the Philippines occupied the top slot and obviously Friendster is waaay more searched than Myspace. In the US, however, Myspace is more popular.

To finally end the network wars, I wanted to know which TV station is more popular with Internet users in our country. Among cities, the wider margins indicate that Davao users are more loyal to ABS-CBN and Angeles City people love GMA shows. Nationwide, however, GMA is more searched than ABS-CBN. Is that a deal.. or no deal?

And Google sez....

With Google Trends, people can now compare any whatever topics that people are searching for using their search engine. This new feature also displays how frequently these topics have appeared in Google News stories, and which geographic regions have searched for them most often.

Hmmm, quite interesting. See the above charts, I have searched for the topic of "homosexuality" and "bisexuality". And surprise! The Philippines have searched both topics very far off more than any countries in the world. And take note, Makati City residents have searched the topic "homosexuality" more than any cities in the world. Does that make Makati the "gayest" city in the planet?

Abolishhh Death Penalty!

On a European tour, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is proud to say that she has a wonderful gift to Pope Benedict XVI on her visit to him. She signed to abolish Republic Act 9346 o Death Penalty Law.

GMA: Shhhanto Papa… We already abolishhhed Death Penalty in the Philippines!

Pope Benedict: Thank you for the gift! On your way back home, it’s your turn to bring back a better gift for the Filipinos: Let Garci speak the truth!


According to an article in Abante Tonite, “ibubuyangyang sa United Nation (UN) Human Rights Commission ng Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP) ang lahat ng baho ng pamahalaang Arroyo kaugnay sa gagawing pagsasampa ng kaso ng militanteng grupo sa susunod na lingo”.

The Bashhh interpretation: The Movement of Farmers in the Philippines (KMP) will expose the malodorous scent of the Arroyo government after it will file a case against it next week.

Eeewww… Will it be the scent of GMA’s “leftovers” when she was admitted to St. Luke’s Hospital for diarrhea?


Uuuy… successful daw ang movie ni Pacman! Aminan na... Sinong nanood? He has not only conquered the music and advertising industry, now he’s into movies. After he wins against Larios, wait for the ever-dramatic plugs (with slow-mo & cheesy music) that will be aired over and over in ABS-CBN about him! I would not be surprised if he will star in an ABS-CBN fantaserye, hoping to turn the tide of its primetime ratings. It will be Super Pacman vs. Captain Barbell! The downside? Pacman will not turn “guapo”, unlike Teng-Teng in Captain Barbell.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Introducing... The Bashhh! Dashhhing Guys

The Bashhh will feature dashhhing guys. Eye candies who are attractive enough to bash our hearts to pieces. If you want to be featured as one of The Bashhh Dashhhing Guys: send me your info, contact number/s and pictures at

If you will be chosen, you will earn a certification above, which you could display in your Friendster or any personal website. Join now!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Trying to Claim the Fame to be the Philippines' Ultimate Basher

This is it! Notoriety will never again go unnoticed. May it be in Philippine politics, sports, showbiz or everyday inanities, those misdemeanors will be flayed and lambasted to bits. Cos nothin'... I repeat... nothin' escapes... The Bashhh!